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Youtube won't play

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Youtube won't play

So my data for the month was gone Friday, typically if I run out I can still patiently watch some YouTube with some buffering, this time its dead, as in it will not play whatsoever. I can leave it buffering for hours it will not start playing. Neither TV nor cell phone. For three days its the same thing. I purchased some tokens, got normal speed back, test comes back excellent but youtube still will not play. Not at all, neither TV or cell. I go into town and it plays flawlessly, come home and dead. I cleared history and youtube cache, nothing. Any ideas?? 

Distinguished Professor IV

Have you tried

restarting your device?
power cycling the modem?
a DNS flush?
clearing all history and cookies, not just what's related to YouTube?
checking if your device needs updates?
using different browsers?
using incognito/private mode?