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Speed test OK after outage. Did this fix the previously reported slow speeds we were reporting before the holidays and until the outage. My tests this morning were on bonus bytes. Will have to see what happens today and this evening.


My speeds are back to were there were when I first upgraded to Gen 5. Well over 30 mbps. Last night during the bonus zone I was getting speeds at almost 60 mbps. a HUGE improvement from 399 kbps. I think they had to kick everyone off line at the same time to complete the upgrades to the server(s)/gateways but of course something went wrong. The reason I beleive this is the case, is because I called into tech support due to me not being able to use the internet right before Thanksgiving. They escalated me up to advanced tech support. When advanced tech support called me back, I was informed that they had a massive over load on my beam (sold the new Gen 5 service way past predictions). The tech on the phone told me that the issue would be fixed due to major upgrades to the server(s)/gateway(s), and that it would take between 4-6 weeks to complete. Well yesterday would fall right in with that time-line. 

I truly hope that's the case, but will keep an eye on things and still test fairly often as I still have a case ID pending. So far so good, but still had a test at  5 Mbps down. but the next was 40+Mbps down.  Thanks for your info.

Beam 55 here.After service restoration 1.2.18 I checked my speed at 6;15 Am, and had the usual 11Mbs I getmornings. Gone are the 28Mbs speeds I had consistantly before Oct8 when the Beam 55 troubles began.

It will be 3 months on 1.8.18 that Gen 5 speeds have been sporatic, mostly below 10 Mbs, many times below 2 Mbs.

With the extended decline in service for such a long period of time, I am concerned about competency of the techs. After 2 months of problems on Beam 55, an announcement of reallocation of capasity was sent. Why did it take so long to arrive at this solution? When will this solution be implemented? I realize satellite service has many aspects land services do not have, but the inability to provide advertised service, or anywhere near it, after we in Beam 55 did have it  now almost 3 monts absent , concerns me .


Speed tests show a lot of variation. My results are/have been all over the place. During bonus hours speed is generally well over advertised of 25Mbs down, but falls off after 8AM usually in the 5-12Mbs, the big problem is evening speeds which I believe to be network overload. I don't try to stream movies, but do watch some music vids and on occasion have tried to watch live sports events, with no success. Service is mostly satisfactory, just not what I am paying for. If I were expecting to use it for full time streaming, it would really be upsetting. I have Directv for sports and televison in general (and have had since mid 90's) so am aware of weather outages, so know what to expect there. We all expect to get what we pay for, and a lot of us are not getting it. My service is in downgraded condition now for exceeding my limit, but for what I do computer wise it is still usable at 1-1.5 Mbs down. upload is still better at2-2.5 Mbs. Thanks for listening.

What beam are you on?

Beam 62, gateway 13 , just tested on hughesnet speed test 40Mbs down . I am still throttled due to usage so evening tests are still 1-1.5 and thats ok. I understand that.


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