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connection is unstable

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connection is unstable

what does it mean, my connection is unstable?

when I first got hugenet, I loved it. I had fast download. I was able to download my garmin update of 4.2 gig in 62 minutes. but since then my download speed has dropped. it takes me now to download a regular update of 112 megs about 90 minutes.I have reported this many times, and all I get is confusing information from a tech. I keep telling them I think all this high wind hs moved my satellite, but I cannot get anyone to come out and check it. I even showed them from speed test that my speed has dropped, but al I get is calls from a tech, who can care less, and gives confusing answers as to what is wrong from clouds to sunburst. 

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What modem do you have?

Open the modems SCC at and tell us what error codes are present if any.

After that we can look at your systems signal strength which will be one indicator of your aim quality.