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data usage concern

why would the status meter on my computer read 43% remaining but on my husbands computer, it reads 59% remaining? also our bonus amounts are different. same internet service on both computers.
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Can you post a screenshot of the two meters ?

i dont know how to do that. right now however my husbands says 59% and mine is reading 35. those are amounts for our anytime allowance.

bonus bytes meter says 90% on mine and 93% on his. i just cant figure out what is going on. we have only had Hughes Net service for less than 2 months.  
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What operating systems are you using ?

Also, there are three different meters, which one are you using. What modem do you have ? (HN7000s, HN9000, HT1000/1100)

These are the tools available to you:

Hughes offers three different usage meters:

#1: The modems internal SCC (System Control Center) display that can be found by entering into your browser.

The portion devoted to data allowance looks like this:

(click on picture for larger image)

The above meter has the advantage of being always available, it shows allowance info from all THREE "data buckets", Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am local) , Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am local) and Token Bytes which are extra cost data blocks that can be "stored" for use if and when needed.

The only problem with the above meter is in its "resolution". You won't see it increment downward in amounts less than 100 MB's.

Its great for a quick check but lacks "detail" if you are trying to track a data loss issue.

#2: There is a utility that is available for download and installation on your computer from your dashboard at called the Download Status Meter:

(click on picture for larger image)

It too displays remaining data in all THREE "data buckets", Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am local), Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am) and the optional extra cost Token Bytes.

It also has a handy little ribbon graph that quickly shows if you are ahead or behind the "usage curve".

This meter, once you are past 1 GB of usage also lacks "resolution" and at times is slow to "update" from the source but it still has its uses. It also has a "u sage history" display.

#3: The third and most accurate of the usage meters is the "at a glance" meter found after logging into your dashboard at

(click on picture for larger image)

This one is the most accurate ... you can see usage right down to a single MB if needed.

It too shows data remaining in all three data buckets .. Anytime, Bonus and Token.

In addition to the "usage meters" there is also a History display in addition to the one within the Download Status Meter utility.

It can be found on your dashboard after clicking on the "usage" tab.

It is, as a history, subject to some delay ... usually one to three hours. The display has been recently updated: 

That pretty much sums up the official Hughesnet "tools".

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you may have already tried this but I'll throw it out there anyways..
Have you tried unplugging your modem & router for a short period of time to see if this would help resolve the issue?
Sometimes, these types of glitches can be easily resolved by simply unplugging your modem for a few minutes. It doesn't hurt to try and you will immediately know if it worked or not by comparing the meters on both computers upon reboot.

If this discrepancy you are seeing is only showing up on your HughesNet Status Meter** (version 6.2 or 6.5.0) could also try uninstalling this program from both computers and then reinstalling it.
 **this is the program you or your technician would of downloaded when you first had your internet installed and can be viewed by clicking on the little icon on the lower right side of your screen 
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Hi TommyChase! Welcome! :-). I'm new too; I started my service in June. This forum is totally awesome and the folks here are experts who voluntarily take their time to help newbies like us, lol!

If you tell Gwalk what kind of computers you have, he will tell you how to do a screen shot. it's not hard, and it will help him and the other champions figure this out with you. Don't despair! Help is on the way! 🙂

sorry for late reply but have not been on here much today. i have downloaded the status meter and have checked the things above. not sure what modem i have, will have to check that. we have 3 lap tops and at the moment 2 are reading 25% left on the anytime allowance but my husbands meter is still reading 59%. his seems to be stuck on that number since mine has went down quite a bit since this morning and his has stayed the same.  i will try unplugging everything in the morning and see if all the meters match after reboot.  since it is a holiday weekend, i have company and will get more info tomorrow when i have more time. i truly appreciate the replies and suggestions on here. will let you know how things turn out. thanks again! 

thank you Chewagirl, i def need to learn how to do this along with a lot of other things. we are not to computer smart as we have have not been using them to long and only do simple things on here like research, facebook, shopping, games, ect.. my son actually told us both that we have no business using computers!   lol!

Hi Tommy,

Welcome to the community! Looks to be a glitch. I hope others suggestions were able to fix it. Let us know if you are still experiencing this. 


well we finally unplugged the computer and quit using it, (the one that was reading 59%) when the other 2 got down to 14% and it still had not changed.  that computer has windows 10, the others, window 7. My husband is on his way to get that computer cleaned off and have 7 reinstalled on it. he hated windows 10 anyway. for some reason though the allowance never did change (on that computer) once it hit 59%. we have used so much allowance, so fast, that i am wondering now if that computer was part of the problem.