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download speeds

well i have been with hughes net for over 4 years, the first year their speeds was ok but not what they advertised but fine then after that it sucked!!!!! the key word in their advertisement is  " up to 10 mbs " i get .90 and just now .30 mbs not a tenth of what they advertise!!!!! this is fleecing the american public!!!! tomorrow i upgrade to gen 5 they point it at another satillite. they advertise up to 20 mbs on this contract and more data!! we will see...... they better have 10 mbs at the lowest speed or my law expert will be all over they butt! 2 different contracts let's see. don't be stupid hughesnet we are watching!!!!!!

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Don't see what your "law expert" can do about it, you are bound by arbitration either way you go.  Rates are advertised as upto, there is no guaranteed minimum speeds in the contract either.  Even Gen5 will slow down for everyone once the beam or gateway becomes saturated in a few years.

and i suppose when internet just stops working for a few min. then come back on , that's in the contract to! your full of **bleep**! your full of it i have 160 mill backing me! let's see if they like bad pubilicty