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gen 5 system

Just had a gen5 system installed 4 days ago and its looking like a serious mistake.

For 3 of the 4 days I let it go so that maybe there was a software update needed and nothing.

Speed test have never gotten abouve 1.9 kbps which is only .3 kbps faster than my slow dsl.

Called tech support and after about 30 minutes of troubleshooting no dice.

Suddenly I get offered an upgrade to a gen 5 (yup) Really? I just had a gen 5 installed and now they want to upgrade me?

So after all was said and done I agreed to have another installer come out andservice my equipment. Along with that they wanted installation fees. I ask why am I paying for installation when this system is only 4 days old? CS rep states that they have to reaim the dish and install another modem. ??????

All I am asking for is the promised 10mps download speeds and not with what I was left with. It has to be a simple setting that can be made imo. I have agreed to my side of the 2 yr commitment , why cant hughsnet?

It seemd that the cs rep ( I have his name as well) was only interested in sell sell sell.

Any help would be welcomed as to maybe some setting changes or whatever.



Now I was quick to complain and it was for a very good reason due to very inferior internet speed ( noted in above posts)

After a second installer came out to my residence and aimed me to the new bird changed the modem out and possibly the lnb ( I havent checked the serial yet) I now have above what was advertised internet. I realize that as the bird gets more load on it that it will slow down some and honestly I can live with that.

So with that being said I hope that everyone will be sorted before long and the speeds increase for all.

Here is the latest speed test.



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