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how do you disable dhcp on ht2000w

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how do you disable dhcp on ht2000w

Trying to connect an IP camera system, but the admin panel won't let you search for devices to manually find their IP address. 


If I purchase a router like Netgear or something where I can obviously set a range of IP addresses and let it do dhcp and easily find the devices on the network, can you disable dhcp on the ht2000w. ???  It seems like I would have to. or if I can't, can I just adjust the range to a large 100+ number and then still find the IPs manually on a better external router? 


Weird that you can't really do much of anything on this ht2000w except update your wireless settings. 

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You can use a 3rd party router with the HT2000W modem.  If you are going to use the WiFi of the Netgear router, the WiFi in the HT2000W modem can and should be disabled so as to not interfere with the Netgears signals.    


Not sure about dhcp, but I don't believe you can disable it in the HT2000W modem.  Others may know and reply.  


Edit:  If you sign into the WiFi and look on the Home page, you'll see a Devices tab in the Status box.  You can see the IPs of your connected devices there, as well as the MAC addresses.  

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I'm pretty sure you can run static IPs regardless of the DHCP setting. I generally have thru 114 set up as static on each device. I then use thru 125 as DHCP reserved addresses using the device's MAC address under Advanced -> LAN -> LAN DHCP for those devices that can't be set up as static and require DHCP.


If you're looking to restrict who can access the modem, you can set up MAC address filtering under Advanced -> Wireless -> MAC filtering table. Add the MAC addresses in the bottom (make sure they're correct), then set the top part to Yes and Allow. Only devices with MAC addresses in the list will gain access, so there's no unknown DHCP accesses.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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