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hughes net lied about the service

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hughes net lied about the service

hughes net lied about the service said i can go on Netflix and watch movies that i had enough MB not true i told them i can only afford so much i watched 4 Movies and used all my Internet in one day..Thay did not tell me about Canceled in 30 Days .I got internet on July 12-2016 and cancalled on Aug 15-2016 Thay said i owe them 400.00 now because i cancelled After 30 Days I also turn a Phone On Aug 03-2016 and Canceled on Aug 15-2016 Thay said i owe 250.00 for that to 650.00 For crapy service .I called them atleast 3 times i lose internet and phone when it rains ,wind blows to hard i need my phone i'm Disabled need for emergency. I ask them to shut it off the next day and when i got off the phone and went to us it they shut it off i had no phone for emergency.I dont think i should have to pay for the phone charge of 250.000 .. thank you
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I suggest that you post either a case number from one of your support calls or the serial number from the sticker on the rear/bottom of your Modem.
With that info the Mods can look up your account details and perhaps your original sales call to determine if the service was mis-represented to you..
James E Besser
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I maybe 68 years old, Rolled my eyes on this one,Kratz 1939 come on, Didn't you know when it rains you won't have service and no phone. You asked them too shut the phone service off. Didn't you think better leave the phone service be ( ON ) For emergency. and people get mad and hughesnet bla bla. Oh by the way don't charge me $650.00 Come on. Just reading your post, your mad. Man up. Now you have a 650.00 bill I call hughesnet ask too have your actt re open. work with the people here before flying off the handle. old man here time for my nap
Assistant Professor

And can not watch Netflix in HD unless wanting to use all data with 4 movies as you discovered. Even in standard or low definition still can not watch hours a day for an entire month.

Good morning kratz1939

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community. We're always open to hearing about customers who feel that our service was not represented correctly as that helps us improve our understanding of how customers perceive a product that is not typical cable or fiber.

We should be able to locate your account with your community login. Once we've located your account we will see if your sales call is available for review. I appreciate your patience.