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network overhead with Chrome

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Kirk Merley

network overhead with Chrome

Does anyone know how to reduce the network overhead from Google Chrome?  It eats half of my meager monthly allowance.  At the suggestion of one of the techs (thank you) I purchased Clearwire, and it tells me that Chrome is literally eating my lunch, er, gigabits.  Help, y'all


If you're talking about the browser named Chrome, it's doubtful that is the problem. However, if you use it to stream videos or launch interactive video applications that could be a problem since those activities use a lot of data.


If you're talking about the operating system named Chrome, as in a Chromebook, that could be a huge problem. I won't even allow those to be turned on in my house, and my wife has one for work. The main reason is that most, if not all storage for applications and data on those devices are cloud-based and not stored locally. So, every time you launch an application, you're basically re-downloading it each time, as well as some of your data. Not very efficient for a network with a monthly limit for high-speed data transfer.

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Thanks for the response, and no, I am not talking about the Chrome OS.  I use Chrome for my browser, and in monitoring its usage with Glasswire, I find a huge amount of traffic that has nothing to do with my browsing activities.  If I shut down the browser when I'm not using it, my overall network overhead goes down dramatically and I can stretch those meager gigabytes further.  This is a nuisance to say the least and I would like to find some way to reduce this "parasitic" overhead that Chrome imposes.  Hoping that the gurus out here on the community page may have a solution(s)

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@Kirk Merley 


If you don't already have one, you should consider using an ad blocking extension with Chrome.  This can help save a good amount of data.  I use Adblock Plus.  It works very well.  If you decide to use the same, make sure to go into its options after it's installed and uncheck "Allow Acceptable Ads".  To do so, right click the extension icon in the browser toolbar and click Extension Options.

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Thanks, Gabe.  I'll give it a whirl and report the results back here.

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