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only 1-2 mbps ?


only 1-2 mbps ?

hello everybody, i am new to hughes net. i realize the differerence between cable & sattalite service. i only get 0.50 - 1.90 mbps during the day & 2-3 mbps around 3:am in the morning. netflix recomends 6 mbps to function decent. i have only seen 4 mbps twice but never anything higher than that? i have lowered the netflix to the minimum setting and did reboot it to take affect. i am using a roku wifi and i have also turned off all other devices and plugged it directly into the modom with the same results? i am curently using two TV with roku on wifi but only have one turned on at a time. with all my other devices turned off does the two tv with roku still use data even if i am not watching anything? with everything off and one tv playing netflix at 8Smiley Tonguem it buffers & drops more than it plays? and even at 3:am it drops netflix about every 20 -30 minutes? its been a month and lost service already due to a faulty modom? maybe its just my area? im running out of patience. does anybody have any other sugestions? hughes said it was becouse i had 4 devices linked and had not lowered netflix quality. but it is still the same after i tried all that? i missed charter/spectrum by 2 verizon phone gets 7 mbps during the day & 10 mbps during the evening. why cant hughes give me at least 6 for netflix? my only other option is viasat or dish but i dont need all that stuff i just want internet & netflix..... any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appriciated. thanks in advance.

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Re: only 1-2 mbps ?

Verizon is a terrestrial service and so their latency is low, which is why you may be able to watch streaming videos with it.  HughesNet is a satellite service and as such suffers from unavoidable high latency inherent in satellite communications due to the distance the signal has to travel. 


Yes, your devices can still use data (sometimes a lot of it) even if you're not actively watching something. 


The data package you get must be shared by all your devices -- the more devices you have connected, the more they crowd your network and the worse the experience will be. 


To have speed issues addressed in this community, first you will need to follow the procedure detailed here:


Keep in mind, though, that you have already been informed what may be causing your viewing experience. The issues may have no solution other than accepting that satellite needs to be managed differently than any terrestrial services. 



Re: only 1-2 mbps ?

hey thanks for the help. both my TV,s are stupid & thats why i use roku for netflix, news & sometimes you-tube. thanks to a link i came accross in the communiuty for the system control center i can see my two rokus never disconnect? i wonder if the screen savers are running all the time with the TV off? i think the rokus do idle becouse a light goes out on one of them? do you know if a smart TV disconects from internet when it is turned off? in my situation every mbps counts....maybe if i hardline both my rokus to the modom & unplug one roku while watching the other i may be able to gain 1/2 mbps? we are still disconecting wi-fi on our tablets & phones when not in use. i have learned to download netfix on my tablet in the bonus hours then screen mirror to my roku during the evening....but its a unwanted hassle. i will do more homework? if i could just get 4-6 mbps in the evening i would be ok! i just did a test & got 3.6 mbps but its 3:30 am in the morning LOL! 

im going back to bed.

have a good holiday : )

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Re: only 1-2 mbps ?

You may want to document your speed issues by running the required speed tests, so the HN reps here can send the issue to the network engineers.  


Some devices use the network even when idle; some never turn completely off unless you actually unplug them from the wall. 


Good luck to you,and happy holidays!


Re: only 1-2 mbps ?

Hello maratsade,

so after doing some homework i have concluded that roku devices need to be unplugged when not in use.

even if not watching movies it is still connected to the wi-fi and pulling juice for screensavers, adds, clock, etc.

with everything turned off & unplugged i used my phone only with hughes wi-fi. speed test went from 1-2 mbps up to 3-5 mbps sometimes.

so with evrything off except for one roku & netflix set on low streaming has improved & is tolerable for the most part......

it gets blurry instead of buffering wich my wife hates.

i will try setting it on medium and see what that does?

i will attempt to do those test you mentioned and send them in if i can find the link and figure it out? LOL

even with only one device running shouldnt i be getting like almost 25 mbps?

or is it a loophole on the commercial does it say " up to 25 mbps " ? LOL

seems like all my neigbors are only getting 3 mbps so i think its as good as its gonna get?

just thought i would share my experience so other people may learn from it.

have a good day.






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Re: only 1-2 mbps ?



Something that may help with the streaming is turning off, or snoozing, the Video Data Saver.  


Regarding the link for your tests, while signed into your testmy account click on "My Results" on the upper right.  The "My Results" page is where all of your testing results are stored.  Once on that "My Results" page, copy the address in your browser's address bar and paste it into a reply here.  


Though 25Mbps is the advertised speed, the actual speeds can vary from location to location and by time of day, with the evenings tending to give the lowest speed due to that being the time when most people are online.   The reps can often determine the cause(s) of speed issues by not only seeing the overall results of the speed tests, but the patterns in the same, which will help them to know what they can do to improve it.

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Re: only 1-2 mbps ?



It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can better assist you.