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parental controls

Is there a way to block X rated content for everyone connected to my wifi? my family uses wifi on their phones and I have a 14 year old that watches porn on his phone through my wifi, also a husband that watchs more porn than my son does. Is there such a thing as a wifi filter or control to block it?


There is no universal rating system similar to that of television that you could base a rating on. Therefore, I'm not sure how an internet provider can do that without making value judgements on what's considered porn or X-rated.


This makes it fall into a real funny area wrt censorship and net neutrality.


Not saying this to sound snarky, but... Depending upon your point of view it's unfortunate that those things exists on the internet at all, but I think it's mostly up to the customer on how to deal with it.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.


There are ways to manage problems such as yours but it will require a new router to accomplish.


I have an Asus RT-AC3100 that offers Parental Controls and DNS filtering:


Asus DNS.PNGAsus Controls.PNG


Assuming you have the HughesNet wireless modem you would have to change the username and password that allows access to the Hughes Modem userface and then change the username and password allowing access to the Modem's wireless controls. Then turn off the wireless functions of both the 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz wireless bands and guest account.


You would the then hookup the Asus, setting a username and password to the Router's main log-in page as well as setting up wireless security. Then you can enable both the Parental Controls as well as DNS filtering.



Thankyou Oh my is so pricey at $250 on amazon 

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The easiest way to help limit exposure to pornography is to use a third party DNS, I highly suggest Norton ConnectSafe DNS, I personally use it and it works rather well.  You can set your HT2000w up to use a third party DNS and this should help, but wont stop those that are determined to access such content.  No need for the router gwalk mentioned, as Norton DNS is just a setting you can add/enable on devices.

1: Visit
2: Click on Wifi Settings on the left hand menu
3: A new page should have opened, asking for a password.  The default password is admin

4: You should see something similar to the image below

5: On the left hand menu, click on "Advanced Setup"
6: Click on DNS from the menu that drops down
7: Uncheck Obtain from ISP
8: Enter in in the Primary DNS field
9: Enter in in the Secondary DNS field

10: Click Save Settings, then power your HT2000w off, power all devices off, then power the HT2000w back on.  Once it has booted, start turning your devices back on.

If this is done properly, instead of seeing a known pornographic website, your users will see a Norton block page instead.  If you need better control, I highly suggest looking into something like NetNanny that you can install on the devices.



I have this same concern.  Overall, as a dad it's my responsibility first and foremost to demonstrate to my kids a lifestyle that is victorious over that kind of temptation.  Enough can't be said about that.  However, it is also wise for us as parents to consider how best to protect them using whatever technology we have available too.  I've tried using DNS-based protection but that's a challenge with satellite Internet, and I have found that it wasn't at all effective in blocking the filth that is out there.  I have since changed to using Qustodio and find that it's really good.  The one challenge with Qustodio is that there isn't a solution  for iOS devices.  Nothing is perfect in this area unfortunately.  Here's the link:

Regarding my previous comment about iOS, it looks like they just released some functionality for it:  I will have to look into it a bit more.  When I first signed up, this feature wasn't available. 

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@betty_h1981 @rachael


 "You can set your HT2000w up to use a third party DNS and this should help, but wont stop those that are determined to access such content.  No need for the router gwalk mentioned, as Norton DNS is just a setting you can add/enable on devices."


Wile it is true that you can enable DNS filtering to a degree from within the Hughes Modem there are other advantages to using your own feature laden router.

One of these is the ability to track data usage per device, always worthwhile on a service with data caps. n addition it will allow you to see which websites are visited per device. With that info you can block access to selected sites on a per device basis.

Asus sites.PNG


Hello Betty I was just trying to research the same thing, what it appears so far is hughesnet offers no way to protect our children but that cable seems to offer more in lines of keeping our kids safe, i found this information I thought you might find valuable. If Highesnet is not providing a safe internet for my family I will most certinly be switching into a better option


Hi Betty


We do not have a pre-set category blocker, but you can use the URL blocking feature of our modem to block the sites you'd rather them not visit. This only applies if you have the HughesNet Wi-Fi Modem (HT2000W). If you have your own router, you will need to use theirs instead.


The internet of today has changed a lot about adult content and how it can be accessed. We would assume all the websites have some form of an explicit name, but the truth is that the content can be access from everyday websites like Reddit and Imgur, making it difficult to filter out. 


I really appreciate all the great information and knowledge coming into this thread! Parental controls is not something we've discussed in our forum before (that I can recall) and is a very useful tool for families. 


Thank you,