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radio interference

I have contacted community support, emailed tech support as well as called but my problem has only grown worse. I have a neighor who has been using a radio with an illegal amplifier to interfere with my wifi. I live on 14 acres of property no neighbor is closer 400-500ft to my home. It started with a man who's job is working on gas wells he has constantly complained about being watched by wifi cameras. We have no wifi cameras nor have we ever had any. But we have the right to have them none the less.  We have been getting constant interference with our wifi  this man has the equipment to locate and turn up the radio interference the dish or side of house so they crawled under the back all the way to the front and put a pinhole in the cord so that the radio frequency he's outputting would go inside the cable. After that he had an off switch and would randomly cause my router to lose all signal . Everyone knows these people are not using wifi and the routers nowadays have every ability to change channels etc to prevent intereference to other wifi routers and from other wifi routers. That is not the problem our service is under attack by a paranoid apparant criminal poacher who thinks we are out to get him. We need to contact the Federal Communications Commission for us because they are not doing anything to help us. We have contacted them over and over and if you call they say email. When you email they say call. They say we must go through our service provider now. So please get the Federal Communications Commission's attention for us because we are in a rural area and this internet is my only contact with my family or anyone else. The police said that the don't have any eqipment that would be able to measure rf for us so we only can get help through the Federal Communications Commission.

Distinguished Professor IV

Sounds like you have a case of trespassing and vandalism, which would be for the police to deal with.  This is not something the FedCC  would get involved with; they deal with federal regulations, not people trespassing on other people's property and breaking stuff.   I can't imagine HN can do anything about the case either. They might be able to fix your equipment, but the rest is a matter for the police. 

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