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I have heard every excuse but the service just stinks - I am looking to get a real service at extra cost so I can have a good internet connection - 3 months of terrible speed - I couldn't even download antivirus for new computer - now have to take to work to do - urgggggg - I just want out of this contract - might as well be burning my money - what a waste - so much for lightening fast speed - have been on phone and tech support chat several times - I am fed up - heard it all - must have storms - All the Time! - end of service month slow down - All The Time! - urggggggg - venting because that is all there is left to do

Distinguished Professor IV

Sounds very frustrating, but there may be things you can do before you give up.  If you work with the reps on this site,  after best effort troubleshooting, they are happy to work with you regarding the termination fees.   Also, if you feel you were misled about the service by the phone sales rep who placed your order, and ordered within 6 months at one of their national sales centers, they can do a sales call review and this might help you too. 

Might be worth a shot.  For more information, see




Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. If you decide to work with us and troubleshoot here in the community, please private message me the phone number associated with your account. You can click this link to do so .