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solution to data lost

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solution to data lost

Check your data daily. Write down your results daily. I was loosing data daily at a high speed. Finally I read in the community to delete the Status Meter. I did. Guess what my data lost usage has been the same for three days. This was not a suggestion nor fix from Hughesnet. The Status Meter is flawed and will use up your data. I was running out of data the first two weeks. Now it is much slower. Rid your system of the Status Meter. It makes money for Hughesnet as you have to buy more MB's. before end of the month. 
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This is not necessarily the case. While it IS possible to have an issue with any piece of software you need to determine what the root cause really is.

GlassWire shows usage of 907 KB. That amount is  .... nothing.

Any piece of software can have issues. Once identified, the issue usually can be resolved by uninstall/reinstall.

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Here is a screen shot of my own Glasswire usage breakdown, and as you can see, since 12.01 am this morning until now, during an almost 10 hour duration, my HughesNet Status Meter (version 6.5) has only used 391.3 KB which is a trivial amount.

Did you by any chance take a screen shot of your Glasswire window showing how much usage your HughesNet Meter was registering at?

Even if my HughesNet Status Meter were to use a full 1 MB every day, that's only accounts for a monthly total of 30 MB for the entire month.
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It would seem to me that opening the desktop version of the Status Meter, more than likely, uses LESS data versus the amount of data you would use having to open up your browser, signing into your Hughesnet account/My Dashboard, and viewing your usage via that page.
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Opening a browser is going to use more data that viewing a "local" source such as SCC and DSM which are going to get their updates from the source as "overhead data" that is not charged against your allowance.

Not all data that passes thru the modem is charged against your allowance.

Opening a webpage will, viewing SCC will not.


Hello Sistasista,

Thanks for posting. I see previous posts of yours bringing up similar issues with unidentified data usage. Although after offering help there was no response back from you. Not sure if it was the status meter? Best way to find out is what our nice community members have suggested. Installing and using glasswire to pinpoint exact usages by application. Hopefully their input is able to help with future data usage concerns. If you have further questions feel free to let us know.

Thank you,
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