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speed Latency and loss

Problem 1

On Aug 7 I switched from Dishnet, at 5mbps download and 1.5mbps upload, to Hughesnet Gen5. Using I was getting speeds that went from 3mbps to 39mbps Download from test to test. Upload swung from 0.100mbps (100kbps) to 0.5mbps (500kbps).

Latency was running 1 to 5 seconds with 15 second spikes. Using WinMtr my loss is, at times, averaging 10%

Since then I have been on the phone five times with tech support, turning things on and off in the Modem and changing the DNS. Only got a tech to my house to check the install after the last phone tech crashed the modem and it wouldn't re-register.  A new modem did not fix the problem. According to Testmy, I have a speed slower than 95% of the country. All this was done with a direct connect to the computer. The Testmy results indicate that the speeds and latency are very unstable making it hard to stream or game play. My signal strength is 97 to 104 and have been assured by numerous Hughesnet people that is fine.

I Don't believe it. Their scale tops out at 270.

Problem 2
I seem to be using way too much bandwidth. My Dishnet was 5GB and I typically used 4.5GB a month. Last month, my Hughesnet usage was 17GB and this month I have already used 3GB in 5 days. Just so you can read this, MY ACTUAL USAGE HABITS HAVE NOT CHANGED. No new devices and no new users. So, where is all the Bandwidth going? Is there something going on with my account that I don't know about? Maybe because of all the resending of lost data? If so, Hughesnet should give out free bandwidth

because of their poor service.

While this sounds like a complaint letter (it kind of is, I guess) I would really like to get this fixed but I have no idea what to do next. The cabling has been checked and the modem replaced. The only thing left is the dish.