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started service yesterday no streaming at all

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started service yesterday no streaming at all

I just got installed yesterday wasn't even able to watch one trailer, it just says not enough signal try again later, even web surfing on my ipad is like going back to old dialup internet, set and watch the bar crawl across. got service for streaming and am lucky to have enough speed to do facebook. used to have hughes net back in southern illinois when it first started and i could game on it and download music fast etc. 


logged in and did the speed test and signal test, but don't know what i'm looking at. this is terrible, not worth the money at all, get better service from my cell phone hotspot, but it's very limited on data. 

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Re: started service yesterday no streaming at all



The first step would be running a few speed tests to ensure that speed isn't the issue.  The instructions for the speed tests are here.  Please be sure to read the instructions thoroughly before running the tests, and then, after running some tests, post your "My Results" page URL into a reply so that the results can be viewed.  


With this said, streaming can be somewhat difficult as of late due to congestion being caused by the much higher system load and the high latency inherent to satellite internet.  The combination of that congestion and high latency can cause problems with streaming, and especially so for the more "touchy" services, like Amazon Prime.  There is also a prioritization policy currently in place to help those working and schooling from home, and that policy can cause things like streaming and other high bandwidth activities to take a bit of a back seat during periods of peak usage.  


A couple of things you can try in order to improve the streaming are reducing the resolution of the stream, either locally or at the source, and turning off, or snoozing, the Video Data Saver.

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Re: started service yesterday no streaming at all

Good morning crowsnake,


We're closing this thread since we never got a reply from you. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can more effectively help you.




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