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static IPv6 prefix

Hello. I'm a hughesnet gen 5 customer. I've noticed that my IPv6 prefix keeps on changing. I would like to assign a static address(such as 2001:5b0:2a0d:9f78::1 or whatever else etc.. ) but I don't because the prefix changes fairly often. I don't mind IPv4 CGNAT as long as static IPv6 is supported. Are there any plans to fix this without relying on things like DDNS or DN42? I want to be able to properly use my /64 and assign static addresses to some of my devices but having a prefix that changes every few days or every other day prevents me. If possible, an eta or even just a confirmation that it's on the (future) todo list is appreciated. Thank you. 1/18/2020 2001:5b0:2a0d:9f78:da3:b525:d407:ef16/64 2001:5b0:2a0d:9f78:3a93:ef92:bc71:5fe2/64 1/21/2020 2001:5b0:2a0c:9e48:14e9:eba5:4383:82a5/64 2001:5b0:2a0c:9e48:2f85:aebc:8ea4:7dd/64
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I don't believe at this time HughesNet provides any static IPv6 addresses, nor prefixes. There's been discussion about it, but as of the last I've seen there are presently no plans to implement such.  

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I looked at my router/modem and I noticed something. The LAN interface has a globally routeable address but the WAN interface doesn't. WAN interface has a ULA address. Why is this? WAN interface: fd0d:edc3:e12a:0:1:ff:fec8:6ab0 || LAN interface: 2001:05B0:2A58:C448:0280:AEFF:FE32:E0D7