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unable to connect to iCloud

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New Poster

unable to connect to iCloud

For the past three days I have not been able to connect to iCloud.

I have not had issues with any other site and have never had problems with iCloud until now.
I receive the message:

Connection Error
iCloud encountered an error while trying to connect to the server.

when will HughesNet resolve this iCloud connectivity issue?
Thank you.
New Poster

I also get this message:

This site can’t be reached

The connection was reset.


the messages sometimes alternate.
Distinguished Professor IV

iCloud never plays well with satellite internet. I have the same issues on and off, sometimes more on that off.  Have you tried


rebooting your modem?

accessing iCloud via a different browser?

accessing iCloud in incognito mode?


Sometimes these workarounds work for me, sometimes they don't.  I don't think it's a HN issue, I think it's an iCloud issue that has to do with the way the satellite signal works. Not sure HN can fix that at all, at least not at present. 

Thank you.
Yes, I rebooted the modem.
Yes, I have tried different browsers.
(I am able to connect to iCloud via my phone's cel service, but reading large Numbers spreadsheets on a phone is very unideal)
Yes, I have tried incognito mode.
Nothing works.
I have been using iCloud with HughesNet for a year with no issues.
Then three days ago, no connection.
If it was the way the satellite signal works, then I think I would have encountered a problem before.


Distinguished Professor IV

I've been having the same problem with iCloud for years, on and off, and it's the signal. Luckily you didn't experience this in the past. Best of luck to you with this issue; hope it gets solved for you soon! 

From your experience you described, yes I must have been lucky.
Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.