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usage depletion

i wouldt consder myself to be a heavy user of internet - work from home, some netflix at night, etc but nothing crazy and my data avaialblty on my plan depletes at an alarmng rate. i was at 20GB/mo b/c the rep said that would be 'more than enough' for my usage, a few days in (after the install grace period) i had to increase to a 30GB plan and the rate im going im going to spend $400/mo on internet. what can be done to combat this? i am not a crazy user, just a regular one and if i knew this was the billing model i would have never switched

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HughesNet sells you a data package; how you use it is up to you.  If you have the 30GB package, this means that you can use an average of 1GB a day, and this will use up the 30GB in a 30-day month. If you use more than 1 GB a day your data will be depleted faster.  Streaming can use a lot of data in a very short time, which may account for your data usage. 


The best you can do is watch how much data is being used by your activities, and budget your data accordingly. To see where data is going, a good idea is to install the free Glasswire software. It is available for Windows and Android and would need to be installed on every device you use.  

i totally get how it works - my point was about the gouging on data - 1GB/day is nothing and without any other options im stuck paying a huge rate

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Yep. That's satellite. It is limited, and it's expensive technology. You may want to contact your representatives in Congress and ask them to bring other options to your area. 

yes, but i just upped my plan to 30GB yesterday, was out of home at the time the rest of the day and im alrerady at 88% meaning just today, half a day at that, ive already used, according to HughesNet, 3.6 GB - no way. 

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Your best bet is to follow the advice maratsade gave regarding Glasswire for your Windows and Android devices, and if you have Apple devices there are apps out there to monitor data usage with them too.  Monitoring that usage is the only way you're going to know where the data is going, and why. 


Your only other option is to buy and use a 3rd party router that has "usage monitoring by device" capabilities, and they aren't cheap.


If you've got a satellite TV receiver connected to HughesNet, and even more so a DirecTV receiver, you may want to consider disconnecting it, as they can use a lot of data on their own.  


Something is using the data.  You've just got to figure out what it is.

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ly i dont think im even going to worry about it - my DL speeds are horrific so even if  go way over it doesnt matter - the throttle speed is 1-3 Mbps and in my current plan without even meeting the data limit i am performing at <5kbps (that's K) - awful performance all around

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So you don't want any help, then? Clearly there's a problem, and it would benefit you to track it down so it can be fixed. The reps can't help until you do some troubleshooting. Glasswire is free, is free; you could figure out what's eating your data and run speed tests to get help from the engineers. 

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After 11 years of no issues with HughesNet and never even coming close to using all of my data allowance, all of a sudden I am not using massive amounts of data.  This started in August of 2021 - with only 1 computer hooked up to my internet.  I have done all they asked me to do here and it solved nothing.  After spending $200 for Geek Squad where they found nothing, I just got back from the local computer repair shop where I dropped another $100 to have my computer completed wiped.  The conclusion of both Geek Squad and the local shop was that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my computer/hardware.  I have put in a call to Hughes.   

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That the experts could not figure out why doesn't change the fact that the problem was with YOUR COMPUTER, not HughesNet.  This was shown and proven, unequivocally, by the Glasswire snapshots you posted in your topic.

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Hi Gabe - 

Yes - I took it to experts who wiped the harddrive clean and reinstalled only a few things.  Hooked it up to internet and I worked there on Saturday - just like I do here.  We also watched videos and a bunch of other stuff.  I have the data to back it up.  It clearly is not my computer.  Not sure what it happening, but I am hoping to have HughesNet come out and check their equipment.  Other than the modem, I have had the same equipment for 11+ years.  I am hoping that is where the problem lies. 


In addition, multiple HughesNet Technicians, the HughesNet Home Tech Support, and Geek Squad have all been in this computer multiple times.  There was nothing that they could find.  Nothing running in the background, no viruses, no malware.  All windows updates and other updates were set to run during the bonus hours.  


As I said, I have had Hughes for 11 years without much problem until August.  Something happened in August and it is was not with my computer.  I have had 3 different experts tell me this - Geek Squad physically and remotely in my computer, and the local computer repair physically in it.  


Nothing left but for it to be the HughesNet equipment.  Now to find the culprit and get it fixed !  That is my hope!