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where my data going

I'm new to this HUGHES NET but can someone please tell me where my data could have possibly went? Last month i thought it went quick we wasn't home much trying to get moved in by the time we got settled in we was out of GB i didn't think much of it all tho it sucked but it just started over 2 days ago and Im already out of GB somethings not quite right. Please Help

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Many devices can use data on their own, and some quite a bit.  


For Windows computers, I recommend installing Glasswire, which will monitor the data used by the computer it's installed on, and just what used it.  It can be a valuable tool if your computer seems to be using a lot of data and you don't know why.  Also, installing an ad blocker for your browser, such as AdBlock Plus, can save a good bit of data.  


As for the rest of your connected devices, it's really process of elimination to figure out what the culprit is.  Best practice is to set your devices to use as little data as possible on their own, such as setting their updates to manual.  Device syncing can use a good bit of data as well, so if you have devices that are syncing, either with each other or something in the cloud, it would be a good idea to disable that if you don't absolutely need it.  Using the cloud, like with OneDrive or the iCloud, can use a lot of data.  


Also, if you have a satellite TV receiver and you've connected that receiver to your HughesNet so you can watch on demand titles, that can be using a lot of data as well.  Especially if it's a DirecTV receiver.  Those have been known to wipe out people's data without ever having watched anything on demand.  If you have a DirecTV receiver connected to your HughesNet, it would be wise to sever that connection.  


Just in case, you can see all of your currently connected and disconnected devices on this modem page.   What's shown is only since the last time the modem was plugged in, however.  When the modem loses power the logs are erased.  This can be helpful when trying to figure out what's using a lot of data, especially if it's a device that you don't interact much with and may have forgotten was connected in the first place.

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