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Post for GabeU

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Re: Post for GabeU

Guess what MAY be heading in my direction this afternoon?
I just got a call from a very lost and confused UPS delivery man who has a package for me. I've not been expecting any kind of delivery via UPS so I can only guess it must be the router WooHoo!

He is still some 45 miles away but I gave him very detailed directions on how to get to my house...and just so long as he doesn't turn right instead of left at the 2nd tumbleweed, and goes straight onto the dirt road instead of off in another direction...he should get here by 5pm Smiley Tongue

I doubt this poor UPS driver will be putting a big in for the permanent position. Our wonderful UPS driver Chuck, after 15 years of delivering packages out here, and some 30 years of service with UPS, retired about 2 weeks ago. His route has been taken over temporarily by several different drivers, none of who are to thrilled at having to drive out this way.

*He could of easily thrown the package alongside the one would of any the wiser, lol (OOOPS!) but he didn't...I've got some left over shortbread and some other baked goodies I made over the I'm going to put a plate together as a little 'thank you' just to show my appreciation.

*for those who may take that out of context (you know who you are)...
there is a huge difference between 'brown nosing' and 'not wanting to burn your bridges* when your services are limited. I choose not to burn my bridges...