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Pesky wireless devices

Honorary Alumnus

Pesky wireless devices

Those pesky wireless devices can really sneak up on you.

Wife's IPad was sitting on the shelf so long the battery depleted. I plugged it in to charge without checking any settings ... it was "dead".

As soon as it got a little power the little bugger got in an OS update ... to the tune of over 1 GB.

Moral of the story: You just can't trust wireless devices.

Assistant Professor

Re: Pesky wireless devices

No, no, no! It is Hughes stealing data! Would use all caps but, well, ya know............

Re: Pesky wireless devices

Welp, something like this happened to me this weekend. I was getting ready to play some games on my computer and noticed my PC was a little slow. Something was killing my memory and after doing a little research, turns out things like Skype & Google Chrome are total memory hogs (who would've guessed). But then I thought about the fact that if they take up so much memory, they are probably doing the same with data. Windows 10 has a "per app" usage readout in the  Task Manager which is pretty cool. 

Did you know that having Google Hangouts in your browser extensions or even some other extensions will cause Google Chrome to auto-start when you login to Windows and run in the background? Don't get me started on the BITS service..