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JUPITER 3 Satellite Approaching Final Orbit Location

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JUPITER 3 Satellite Approaching Final Orbit Location

The Hughes JUPITER 3 satellite is the largest commercial communications satellite ever built. When it was launched on July 28, it required a high-powered rocket booster to carry it two hours into space. The satellite weighs 9 tons (18,000 pounds), so that's roughly equal to lifting a school bus into space. When it separated from the launch booster, it was moving at about 6,000 mph.


Currently, it's in the Orbit Raising phase, making trips around the earth, increasing its distance from the ground by about 125 miles each time. It will be about 22,000 miles above the earth’s equator when it reaches its assigned position. At this distance, the satellite will be in sync with the Earth’s orbit and allow us to start final testing in preparation for our new plans coming later this year.


When JUPITER 3 comes online later this year it will be the most powerful version of HughesNet ever offered.