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Adios, couldn't take it anymore!

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Adios, couldn't take it anymore!

Three months of the worst internet I've ever experienced, often as slow as dial-up.

Terrible service, terrible customer service and without a doubt, the most mis-sold product I've ever encountered.

So now we're back to unlimited Sprint hotspot. Many times faster than the 5g service (2g was unusable ) and less than half the price.

I'll miss not having a router but that's a small price to pay (as is the $400 termination fee) to be rid of Hughesnet!


Distinguished Professor IV

"often as slow as dial-up"





You're qualified to call me a liar when you haven't experienced the service I had? No, I didn't think so.

Dang I hope mine don't get that bad but I bet it will. I was at 1mb on my last speed test. Thing is my other service was still faster and far more reliable at 25kb with a phone line.