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Contract issues

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Contract issues



I was told that in order to find a resolution to my issue, I needed to bring it here.  


I initiated service in April of 2017 with a 2 year contract.  It became quickly apparent that this service was not the best for my household as we have lots of online gaming and video streaming.   No one explained that there were data caps, or what they even were... I found that out a couple months in when I called to find out why my service had slowed way down.  


Nonetheless, I have stuck out my 2 year contract, but apparently, when I moved in September, my contract was renewed without my knowlege.  I called today to see when my contract expired so that I can discontinue service on or around that date, and the representative informed me I was locked into a contract until September 2020 (2 years after I moved).  I did not intend to renew my contract, and no one informed me that this was a condition of moving my service.  It was told to me that I needed to make a post here, so that the call that I made to have my service moved can be reviewed as proof that I was not made aware of the contract renewal.  


I formally request that the applicable parties review said call and get back with me as soon as possible so that this matter can be resolved.  


Thank you 


Re: Contract issues




Thank you for reaching out and voicing your concerns! After reviewing the call you placed on 9/21/19, I found that the Customer Care Agent did not make you aware that moving the service would renew your commitment. 


To cancel services, please give us a call at 866-347-3292 on Monday and reference case number 119602454 to have your early termination fee waived.