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Heavy wet snow

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Heavy wet snow

My power went out around midnight when I woke up I discovered why.

IMG_1919.JPGMy Hughes Net dish survivedMy Hughes Net dish survived



whoops... There was something like that in DC yesterday, except the xformer went through a couple of people's cars.

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A couple other poles snappped up the line so I'm afraid we're last on the list. Lucky I bought a inverter generator before winter. I'm thinking because of all the fires they're going to cut the power at the drop of a hat this summer, PG&E was warning us last year, but never actualy did.

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That'll do it!  😞 


Heavy snow like that can be a nightmare, that's for sure.  Hopefully it won't take them too long to get you back up and running, but at least you have your generator.  Good thinking with getting one.

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I checked the PG&E website earlier it said estimated time is 11 pm tomorrow, We''ll see,we're supposed to get more heavy snow tonight.