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Hughes net feels like a scam

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Hughes net feels like a scam

So is it just me? Or is Hughes net a scam? They promised me high speed internet and said if I went below my allocated data I would be bogged down to 3mbps. In reality, I was normally getting 1.5-5 Mbps at the most and then got bogged down to 0.34 Mbps when we went over our data. Furthermore, I don't even understand how it was physically possible that I could have gone over the data allocation because my internet was too slow. Haven't even streamed a movie because it's way too slow to stream. So I downgraded my service from 50 gigs to 20 gigs since I can't stream and the. My bill went even higher. I've talked numerous times to customer service and they treat me like and idiot not to mention they barely speak English. And if I want to get rid of Hughes net, they charge me a crazy amount even though they never came close to living up to their side of the deal. SCAM SCAM SCAM.
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If you would like help with your speed and data usage issues, pleast create a new topic in the Tech Support section. 


If you would like help with your pricing issue, please create a new topic in the myAccount and Billing section.  

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Customer service issues do not constitute a scam.  Also, if you want solutions, please post in the appropriate forums.  Or did you just want to rant and gripe?


I could not agree more. I run a business from my home and the sheer unreliability of the service is unacceptable.

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If you're just whining, you're in the wrong place, as this is a place for troubleshooting and finding solutions, not for pointless whining. If you want to do more than just whine, then post your issue(s) clearly under Tech Support or MyAccount.