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Internet Status; Throttled

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Internet Status; Throttled

just something I saw today checking my data allowances, and I'm recalling a letter I got from Hughenet, last year? that they will no longer throttle users, maybe this letter what misleading?

System State Code : 24.1.1- means - downloads throttled, for me, next week this will be a mute point since I will have fiber installed and my speeds starting out will be 100MB upload/download and no data caps, and cheaper that hughesnet - Just wondering why I get a letter saying I will no longer be throttled once I use my prime time data, but I am still being throttled?

Carmen Vitullo
Distinguished Professor IV

They FAP policy continues to be in effect, so everyone gets throttled if they use up their monthly data allowance. EDIT: people can still buy tokens to restore their regular speeds. 

I doubt the letter was is far more likely that you may have misinterpreted/misunderstood what it said. If you still have it, please post what it says.

Good luck with your new ISP. Glad your area is getting fiber.  I think in my area we're getting fiber on the 15th of Never. 😂😂😂