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Kimberly G.’s Fruit Pizza

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Kimberly G.’s Fruit Pizza

Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner and with the holiday fast approaching, we want you prepared with a simple and sweet recipe to bring to your family BBQ!

Kimberly G. from Arkansas curated her passion for cooking from her “Mamaw,” and channels the love into the food she makes for her family. Kimberly shared how some of her favorite memories center around baking with her daughters, noting that she uses HughesNet “to support my love of baking and cooking by searching new recipes on the internet, apps on my phone or asking for new ones on my social media page.” She loves to share her love with cooking with her family and friends, swapping ideas, and recipes—and we hope this post inspires you to do the same.

Maybe you are already an avid cook or are looking to pick up a new hobby as the winter months approach. Whatever your motivation – see below for Kimberly’s fruit pizza that is sure to make a statement at your Labor Day BBQ:

“Kimberly G.’s Fruit Pizza”

• Fruit of your choice
• 1-2 packs of pre-made sugar cookie dough
• 1-2 vanilla pudding cups

DIRECTIONS: Open sugar cookie package and spread dough across the baking sheet. Bake according to instructions. Let it cool. Spread pudding on top. Top with your favorite fruits. Enjoy! Make it patriotic for Labor Day buy using blue berries, strawberries, and vanilla pudding for some red, white, and blue!

Have a recipe you would love to share? Comment below your favorite thing to make for family picnics!

HughesNet has connected people for decades, allowing them to do the things they love. In the coming months, we will highlight a series of hobbies and helpful resources—some of which come from our very own HughesNet customers!

Distinguished Professor IV

Fruit pizza, also known as a sugar bomb. 😁

I think... I'd rather have a fruit tart.


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Distinguished Professor IV

Fruit tart....Yum.