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Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence.....

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Distinguished Professor IV

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence.....

These are recent posts on the Xfinity community.  Subscribers to this terrestrial-based service are seeing their quota of issues. This is just a very small sample of posts. 


"I can not load certain websites on my laptop and I can not load certain apps on my cell phone while connected to my xfinity modem/router."


"Around every 30 seconds to a minute, my internet ping spikes from around 20ms to 1000ms for around 5 seconds, making games unplayable and calls inconsistent. Is there any way to fix this?

Several times a day my modem will lose connectivity for ~7 minutes. On both wireless and wired connections to the router, LAN functionality is maintained, whereas the WAN is dropped. Looking into my modem logs I see errors corresponding to the connectivity loss."



"The WAN side of my connection continuously drops at random intervals. These outages occur at least three times a day and can last from 10 minutes or until I reset the modem. These outages also affect our voice line. I have spoken with multiple tech support agents, had a technician visit, and exchanged my modem for a replacement at the local Xfinity store. This morning, Thursday, March 19, beginning at 0200, my connectivity began dropping more frequently."


"Very slow speeds
Have reset everything. Have the 300mbps package and only ever get 180 for a few minutes and it drops back to 50. Im about done paying for this its ridiculous."