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Network Modem/Router HT2000W

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Network Modem/Router HT2000W

I am a brand new customer after already having a horrible day thanks to the installer damaging my home, I called tech support to ask a technical question about my new equipment, but I get one rep who is as clueless as a dodo, and the second one says I shouldn’t have been transferred to her, but let her get the answer, puts me on hold five minutes later hangs up on me.


All I want to know is since there are so many variants of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol I would like to know is this an 802.11ac 1900, or an 802.11ac 2300 or what. It’s that simple. The router I have now is an 802.11ac 1900 router. So unless the built in Wi-Fi is a more updated/faster version of this technology, I don’t need to use it. 


However the first rep said that if I use anything other than the built in Wi-Fi on the modem/Router combo my internet won’t really work at all, because my router is made for fiber optic internet and not satellite internet. Dude it worked for the Gen4 network when I had Dish net there is no reason for it to not work now. Besides you can’t even see my router and have no idea what brand or anything about it so there is no way u can expect me to believe such nonsense