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Not receiving verification 'link' e-mail from

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Not receiving verification 'link' e-mail from

Distinguished Professor IV

First, you should check to make sure that is sending you the verification email.  If so, check to make sure it is not going into your Spam folder.  


If you're still not seeing the email, you should start a new topic in Tech Support, which you can do here...

  I have checked spam, trash and white list, switched browsers, spent hours having special techs from Directway / check my system for any 'sending / receiving block' or virus that would stop only

computer generated e-mails to my ststem. 

  From the best of Hughesnet techs  - The e-mail isn't coming to your  system. Call us if you have any more problems.

  From Coinbase techs - We are sure the computer is sending you an e-mail, right now, we are to busy to check your

problem. Check your own system. From their Computer - I'm not programed to answer the question 'DoI have a

self-check function, to check if I actually have sent an e-mail.





Hi Dennis,

Is it at all possible that you made a typo when initially providing your hughesnet email address to


the reason I ask is that this is something that is quite a common error especially with hughesnet email addresses and one that we don't even realize we have done until we don't receive a particular email that we are waiting to come your case a verification email which I would think would normally be a quick few minute turn around from the time you were advised to check your email for such verification links/codes.


Hughesnet email address are (this is the correct format)


Many people will make the mistake and type or xxxxx@hughesnet (just as an example) and as such, any emails will be either bounced back to the person sending the email, or simple lost..


Again, I'm just throwing a possible reason out there as to why this happened...

Distinguished Professor IV

The same variations in .com, as well.