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Wiring in Direct TV


Wiring in Direct TV

New to Hughs and DirectTV,

After the Hughs and DirectTV Techs installed my stuff I noticed the TV's were not connected to the Internet.

I've found the DirectTV hardware but I've no clue about hooking it into the Hughs Net Hardware.

Thanks in advance.

ps: I did search the forum briefly but didn't find the information.


Re: Wiring in Direct TV

DirectTV.jpgThe Thing

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Re: Wiring in Direct TV

This is the first time I've ever seen anything like that.  Most of the time, when people have connected their Hughenset service to DirecTV, they've connected it directly to their DirecTV receiver via WiFi or LAN cable from the HT2000W modem, or, when using an older modem, like an HT1100, also using a 3rd party WiFi router along with it (the HT2000W has a built in router and WiFi, so a 3rd party WiFi router isn't needed).  


I believe what you've got pictured there is something called a DECA, or DirecTV Ethernet to Coax Adapter, though I have absolutely no clue how Hughenet, nor any other ISP, would connect using that.  


You may very well have better luck posting this question in the Third Party Products section.  


With this said, just a warning about connecting Hughesnet to your DirecTV service.  DirecTV receivers can use quite a bit of data, and for things other than just On Demand.  People have seen a considerable amount of their Hughesnet data disappear, later to discover that it was their DirecTV receiver that was using it.  


In addition, when watching On Demand programs on DirecTV by using your Hughesnet service, the programs can often use a tremendous amount of data, and again, there's no way to adjust it, like there is with Netflix.  It can burn through 3GB or more per hour when watching something, especially if it's an HD program or movie.   

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