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data used

Several people here in Parsonsfield  ME  in past 2 weeks.   all of a sudden their told all data used.     told 150,00 service fee     to come fix         

TRUTH    it a  tec problem          BUT if that true           why would hughsnet not tell and fix

sounds      more like  a scam   ???     All of a sudden  !!!!!!          everyone used all there data   ?????      in 2 weeks     charge to fix????          A person I know well      only uses one laptop       maybe 3 hrs a day or less         never had a issue            and told 150 to come fix   he used his data       A      total Impossable LIE       I was told by one supervisor       That it was my one tv that was broken       and to call the maker of the tv .         Ya right in china      OR buy a new tv     OVER 6 HOURS on phone    in 4 days  just for this disable old man to have tv in the middle of nowhere Maine  to here     YES I RETIRED CABLE COTRACTOR EDUCATED     ALL  LIES    and people on phone that you have to repeat   several time   and do not  know anything    even apeased them and tried a new tv   ha 

   all data   gone in a day          TEC said that impossible    .

This all came up at town meeting as well   and resturants.   we wonder how many people they doing this wide?????

THANK god for goverment help         who ever in charge        the goverment gave money for our     comunities      to get internet        Glade to say     hughsnet        just confirmed to everyone to leave hughnet and get hardwire internet they started wiring us allready       because of this hushnet




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  • The ISP sells you data packages. They don't use your data. If data is gone, it was used by the subscriber. 
  • Generally, repairs are not free. 
  • This site is for tech and account support, not for conspiracy theories.