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hughesnet internet access

Hi I am new to hughesnet.  I notice that I have 2 hughesnet access conections. I use hug5.  There is also a hug2.  I wonder if either access can be used.  I whant to set my hug5 as metered and the hug2 as un-metered.  This way I can get my win10 updates (from 2-8am) by using a different connection.

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The hug5 is the 5Ghz radio and the hug2 is the 2.4Ghz radio.  The 2.4Ghz band has better range, but can be affected by interference from other devices (cordless phones, microwaves, etc).  The 5Ghz band has higher throughput (speed) and experiences less interference, but doesn't have the range that the 2.4Ghz band does.  Some older devices, and even some less expensive ones today, can't utilize the 5Ghz band, but if a given device is seeing hug5 it should be able to use the 5Ghz band.     


HughesNet's FAQ on the two bands/radios.

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You can use either one, however in Windows when you tell it, "Hey you can use THIS" and have the "auto-connect" feature enabled on both networks, then the OS will pick which ever wireless network provides the most speed with the best signal quality.

It would be best just to set both to metered, and let the OS do things on its own over time.

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Ugh.  I had orginally mentioned in my reply that the OP could use either one, or both, but I went to move that sentence and forgot to add it back in where I had intended to.  😛