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slow slooow ssllooooowweerrr

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slow slooow ssllooooowweerrr

Been slowing down for 3+ weeks now. Like a dialup connection for past two days so finally called support. Waste of time. Then wanted to see how much longer my contract with Hughes is .. Hughes has to have one of the slowest websites on the internet. How hard would/should it be to find my contract start date with Hughes? Waste of time to seach for most anything here .. have better luck finding it with a yahoo or google search. Anyway, I probably have another year left...will check my bank statements tomorrow for approximate contract start date with Hughes, since I can't find it here. Hopefully in another year, someone will offer decent internet service to this area of Florida.

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Re: slow slooow ssllooooowweerrr



First, the speed issue.  You should start a new post in the Tech Support section regarding the speed issue.  With that said, there are a few beams that are known to be having issues right now, and the engineers are presently working on it.  I don't know that you're on one of those beams, but I thought I'd mention it just in case you are.  When you start the new post make sure to include the Satellite Name and Beam ID that you are on.  You can find that info in the Satellite box on the following page...!/home/information


As for the contract, if you're in your first contract with HughesNet you can sign in to the HughesNet MyAccount site, click on the "My Bill" tab, and look at one of your invoices (invoices open in a popup window).  In the middle of the invoice you'll see a spot that says "Customer Since: xxx ".  If you've been with HughesNet a while and it's just a new contract, you can probably look through your invoices (they go back about two years) to see when your cost changed for the upgraded service that put you in the new contract.  


Hope this helps.  

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Re: slow slooow ssllooooowweerrr

Thanks for your input .. I was able to find contract date with some of it (have 10 months left).


The connectivity issues (e.g. 20-60% package losses) and State Code's 12.1.12 & 30.1.1 (I only started tracking State Code issues yesterday, so only two that I'm sure of) have been going on for over 3 weeks, apparently on Hughes' end. 3 weeks!?! This is 2018 - how can it take over 3 weeks to fix internet service if the Chinese haven't destroyed the satelittes? Why don't they send out emails when they are not able to provide full service? Anyway, remote areas don't offer a lot of solutions for fast internet, but Hughes will either renegotiate my deal with them in 10 months or I'll look for another provider.