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Forced to Upgrade

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Forced to Upgrade

SO after 14 years with our contract we are told that on 1 Dec 2021 if we do not upgrade to Gen5 we will lose our service. Great business plan guys, more money for less dta and less service, and locked into a new 24 month contract.....Not gonna happen ! .....Starlink hurry up ! 

Distinguished Professor IV

Yeah, they can't support old plans -- this is just a technological reality.  Being forced to upgrade is a thing, and not just with ISPs. 


More money for less data? Nope, that's inaccurate. 


You can always go with someone else. 


We live in the mountains, there is no one else genius

Distinguished Professor IV

Yeah, my psychic powers weren't working there, sorry, genius.


Don't have other options? Then deal. 

New Poster

When will star link be available?

Distinguished Professor IV

To find out, contact that specific provider. This is the wrong site for that. 

Distinguished Professor IV



Perhaps you can go back in time and design a satellite that lasts longer.  I'm sure the engineers would appreciate the help, especially considering the fact that just about all of the legacy satellites still in operation have already exceeded their expected lifetimes.