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Get a refund?

Anyone know how to get a refund and out from under this awful service. I signed up for HughesNet because the sales person told me that it would be more then enough to run Slingtv or Hulu.  Wrong.  Hulu buffers every 10 seconds, Slingtv buffered every minute. It was enough for me to give up and go back to dish network to have tv again. God for bid you should want to use two devices at once, feels like we're back on dial up service. 

Yes, I've talked with customer service three times and everyone says it's working as it should, do this, reset this, power down this.  I'm tired of this troubleshooting that doesn't work. 

I read a review that said if you can get dsl where you live to do that and stay away from HughesNet, I should have listened to that review. Extremely disappointed with this and looking for a way out.  HughesNet is by far the worse financial desicion of my life. 


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The streaming of video is a very data intensive activity. The higher the resolution the greater the rate of data burn.

"Cord Cutting" and having a ISP with data caps just don't work well.

Yes, you can stream video but you must keep an eye on data consumption.

Tried that.  Every device in the house was powered down except the Roku which we were trying to use for the SlingTv.  No good, still would buffer and freeze every minute or so with speeds that ranged in the 25-40 Mbps range. Hulu was the same situation, freeze every 15 seconds and actually shut the Roku down, and would need to reboot it, SlingTv also did this.  Only app that would work on the Roku was Netflix.  Both SlingTv and Hulu were set to medium settings for resolution to save on bandwidth and speeds, No good.

The fact that we can barely use two devices at a time to simply browse the web at our fastest speeds doesn't please me either.  HughesNet has been a huge dissappointment and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


Thanks for the reply.

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How is your streaming or browsing when using a device that is directly connected to the modem with a LAN cable?

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Netflix is about the only tv service we could get to work with our connection. Pandora will also work.  The main reason I switched to HughesNet is because the sales person told me that I would have no troubles streaming LIVE tv with the service.  I won't deny that I'm getting the speeds I should, the main service that I wanted to use with it will not work whether it's connected with a Ethernet cable directly to the modem or with the wi fi. I've tried every thing possible. Streaming live tv with SlingTv or Hulu or DirectTvnow will not work.

same with browsing, if you use a device connected with an Ethernet cable it will slow everything else down. Forget able streaming music while you check your email, only if you have the day to do it. 

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Perhaps someone who has experience with SlingTV or Hulu will have a better idea of what could be going on.  It's possible that those services are overly sensitive to the higher latency inherent to satellite internet.  It's also possible that live streaming music, though not very data intensive, is sensitive to that latency, as well, and anything at all that affects the service, like checking email at the same time, throws it out of whack because of that sensitivity.  After all, streaming live music is not like Youtube or on demand services.  


Again, hopefully someone who has more experience with those services, and perhaps even experience with those services while using Hughesnet, will have an idea.  


With this said, though, as mentioned by BirdDog, Hughesnet really isn't made for cord cutting.  If you feel that the sales person misled you and you signed up directly through Hughesnet (not a reseller), and it's been no longer than 90 days, your sales call may be available for the reps to review and make a determination as to whether you can cancel without an ETF.  


As for a refund, though, I have no clue.  


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Good morning Crabb21,


Thank you for your patience while we had your sales call reviewed. Please check your private messages in the top right corner of the community page as I've sent you a PM to address your concerns.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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