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Headquarters, worst service!!

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Headquarters, worst service!!

I have been without services for nearly 3 weeks. I need to reach headquarters to submit my 2 page letter of phone logs with HughesNet representaives as well as technicians. I have been given the run around. Scheduling my appointments during times that the technician says they dont work late hours. Taking off work more than once was no communication of time arrival and the other to be at home waiting for technician only for him to call 30 mins after the time frame given saying he was given an installation last minute to do before my service call which caused him to run behind. To be told there are only 2 technicians that service my area who have to drive nearly 60 miles. I had other provider options but Hughes Net assured me I would be provided the best service in my area. However I am sure they knew how far the technicians would have to come out for service calls. My job as well as my fathers caregiving providers I need to keep in contact with depend me having internet access. There is no way I can no longer deal with this frustration. Keep in mind i am only a month and a half into my contract. I was told cancellation fees would apply if i decide to cancel.


The mods here are at the corportate level. You will have to wait until at least Mon. for a reply. They can and will help you, in my experience.