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HughesNet Voice update

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HughesNet Voice update

ok need some NEW input about using the phone service. getting ready to make a choice. it's 2019 and would appreciate some new news from users.

i'm very happy with my regular service for years now.....sooooo....will i be happy adding the phone service?

latency is my big that a problem with the 5g?

local that a problem?

thanks in advance 

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Re: HughesNet Voice update



Unfortunately, a local number isn't always possible.  I don't know if you can find that out before signing up for Voice service or not.  A rep should be able to answer that question.  They're on M-F from approximately 8AM to 5PM EST, and hopefully they'll reply with that information.   


From the HughesNet FAQ website...




As for the service itself, from what I've seen it seems to work well for most people.  There is a bit of a delay, from what I understand, but it shouldn't be more than about a half second or so.  


Hopefully some Voice subscribers will reply to say how it works for them.  Smiley Happy  

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