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Networx shows "chatter"

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Knerkin Akin
New Member

Networx shows "chatter"

It has been a while since Networx was mentioned within these posts, but today I first noticed that there is considerable "chatter" within which I wouldn't have known about if it weren't for Networx in the tray. It's free from In this image, note the traffic toward the left. That was caused by an open page. 

Recommended. For all!
Honorary Alumnus

I also recommend Networx .
New Member

As do I 🙂   The chatter feature is nice as well as the ability to compare data usage noted in Networx to hughes charts (about the only way to REALLY notice Hughes compression techniques an not feel cheated lol)  Also nice that with my router  it is capable of syncing all networx data from other to devices to my devices therefore catching the giulty parties in the act hehe. Through it I can also apply security techniques to warn or boot a user after using a specified amount.  An those are just the highlights, I would really reccommend it to any user of a data plan or  concidering a data type plan !!

Hi Knerkin,

Thank you for your post and tip for other community members. Hopefully some will find this tool useful as well. 

- Chris