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Rotten Upgrade

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Rotten Upgrade

I was upgraded to Gen5 this morning, even though I didn't want it. Installer shows up, no mask, I ask please put one. "I don't have one one " "That's ok I have some disposables here". Talk about an attitude from then on. Does the hardware outside, comes in with the new modem, not a word. Goes back to the truck for 20 minutes. Then Drives off without a word and leaves the old dish and hardware all over my driveway. I am not a computer guru, so it took me about an hour to figure out what was what to connect. Is this typical of Installers for Hughes ? Does Hughes even care ? Would you you like your 30 pound paper weight back ? Please hurry Starlink !

Hi CSMVanguard,


Thank you for sharing, I'm also upset and sorry to hear about this experience. This certainly is not how we want our customer experience to be and is not typical, so I'm ensuring this gets to our field services department. 



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They don't remove the dish. 


CSMVanguard wrote:
 Then Drives off without a word and leaves the old dish and hardware all over my driveway.

Not removing and clearly leaving it and all the parts scattered in my drive way, knowing I am in a wheelchair is another story
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The mess is definitely unacceptable, but they don't take away the dishes. In my case, they have left them neatly against a wall and I've had someone dispose of them.  But your situation is of course different. 

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They definitely shouldn't have left the old dish and hardware all over your driveway.  They should have put it in a pile on the side or even asked you where you'd prefer it to be left.


It is true that they don't take the old equipment with them though.