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Sorry Service

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Sorry Service

I will be so glad to get out of Hughesnets internet monopoly I won't know how to act! Upgraded to their "Gen 5" super duper plan with wi-fi, 25gb speeds (up to), 30gb of data and it just took me 5 minutes to watch a 60 second video that quit after 40 seconds. Plus, ever since we upgraded, we have run out of data each month. Should have never "upgraded"! It was better before the upgrade. Ridiculous!!!

Just did a "speed" test. DOWNLOAD SPEED: 3.03 Mbps, UPLOAD SPEED: 2.55 Mbps. Ridiculous!!!!!!

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I think Hughes net is the worst internet service there is. It all starts with their sales men/woman. They lied to me and said that my kids would be able to play any game except call of duty with their service that was a big lie. I have had nothing but problems from day 1 with this company. I cannot wait until my contract is up with them i will not renew or recomend this company to anyone. THE WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!!! 

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If it's been no more than 90 days since your sales call, and your sales call was through HughesNet itself (not a 3rd party reseller/dealer), you can request a review of that call to verify what you were told.  If it's determined that you were, in fact, misled about the service, you may have recourse in the form of being able to cancel without the ETF.  You can request a sales call review in the "MyAccount and Billing" section.  Make sure to specifiy what it is that you believe you were misled about.  


You can start a new post in "MyAccount and Billing" here...

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