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Can’t access system control center

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Can’t access system control center

When I go to it says I need to be connected to a Hughesnet connection, but I am.



Distinguished Professor IV

Are you connected via WiFi or directly to the modem? Are the modem lights lit up? Are you sure your WiFi is on? Have you turned off everything (modem, devices), and then turned everything back on?  Have you checked your system from this site? I think you can find information about your modem if you go under Overview.  It only gives you very general system health information, but it's better than nothing while you wait until a HN rep on this site sees your post and replies to you.

Yes I have. And my wifi is working just fine on my phone, Xbox, tv..

New Member

I have the same problem. I have checked everything I can think of still no work. Tech support just told me to go to the link again. It did not work any better than it did to start with. NO HELP. 

Distinguished Professor IV

@Sallen, you are in the right place to get help; the HN reps on this site are very helpful. However, you will need to post your request for help in your own thread, because the reps work with users individually. Start your own thread by going to and clicking the blue button labeled +Start a Topic.  Please provide context and detail to your problem: explain what is happening, explain what you have done to troubleshoot, etc.  A HN rep from this site will get back to you as soon as possible. Keep in mind the reps here work business hours, so they may not reply right away.

I feel you😭🫡