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Feels slow or like bandwidth is being used elsewhere

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Feels slow or like bandwidth is being used elsewhere

As of today 5/20/24 I've had hughesnet for a month, prior to that I had dsl with the local IP. Since the first week of service my internet connection feels slow I've done speedtest on hughesnet and third party sites only to have them report mbps well over 80mbps. My issue is that every website I load up takes more than 30secs to almost a full minute to load. Streaming service's such as "netflix" "hulu" even "youtube" take more than almost 5mins just to load the home screen another 2mins for thumbnails. I've tried numerous devices ps5, laptops, multiple cellphones, in fact sometimes it's faster to use my 4g on my phone in my house which I find crazy!


If there are any settings or resets I should be trying before I call em up and complain, I'm open to any and all help.

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Besides the speed tests (which you should run on, by the way), what else have you done? Have you tried clearing the DNS? 


You can also try clearing cache, cookies, history, for all your browsers. Have you turned off the modem, waited a few minutes, then turned it back on? Sometimes that helps.


Keep in mind also that the latency for satellite is high, so sites will feel more sluggish, though in your case it seems things are too sluggish.