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Trying to play online

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Trying to play online

I can't play online games on my PS4 it keeps saying my network delay might be too long for game streaming. So I tried the LAN and it still says the same thing 😭

Distinguished Professor IV

Satellite internet has very high latency, and this affects some games. 


From their FAQ:


Will I be able to play console-based gaming?


Hughesnet is not recommended for console-based gaming activities because they quickly consume your Priority Data.


Can I play online games with Hughesnet?

Online games where you take turns, such as casino or chess, turned-based role-playing games and Facebook games work well with all plans.


Will I be able to play real-time gaming with Hughesnet?


Multiplayer games requiring rapid response are only supported with Hughesnet Fusion plans. However, console-based gaming is not recommended with any service plans because they quickly consume your Priority Data.