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Airport Extreme

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Airport Extreme

Is anyone using Airport Extreme with Hughesnet? how did you set your device up?



Re: Airport Extreme

I know that there are people using that router with Hughesnet.  I've seen them talked about on this Community.  With that said, I'm not familiar with them and I have no clue as to how to set them up.  

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Re: Airport Extreme

then I would suggested that you look on the internet to set this new router or get someone that does know about this new router and get them to help you


Re: Airport Extreme

I just set up a Gen5 using a Time apsule to create my wireless network - see my post with subject something like "using Apple Timecapsule with Gen5 modem"


it it is in this forum



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Re: Airport Extreme

I imagine you've already answered your own question since your post was made on May 16.


However, I just had HughesNet Gen5 installed. I disabled both WiFi channels in the HT2000W. I plugged my Airport Extreme into the HT2000W via an ethernet cable. I had to change the Airport Extreme’s "Router Mode" in the "Network" tab to "Off (Bridge Mode)." The HT2000W is handling NAT which apparently can’t be turned off, so I was getting a double NAT error on the Airport Extreme.


I'm using both WiFi channels on the Airport Extreme.


On the Airport Extreme's "Internet" tab I've got "Connect Using" set to "DHCP” which gets addresses from the HT2000W.


In the Mac's "System Preferences" > "Network" > “Ethernet” > “Advanced…” button > DNS tab I've got the DNS Server set to (the HT2000W address.)


In the HT2000W “WiFi Settings” > “Advanced Setup” > “DNS” I’ve got “Obtain from ISP” checkbox selected.


I’ve got a Netgear gigabit ethernet switch connected to the Airport Extreme and have computers and a printer plugged into the switch. I have other computers plugged into the Airport Express. Everything on my LAN is connected via the Airport Express.


Hope that gives you some idea of how I’m using Gen5. It took a few tweaks to get things working as I expected, but so far I’m happy with the lower cost, and higher speed compared to my former Exede satellite ISP.