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DLink DIR-619L-ES

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DLink DIR-619L-ES

Good morning, I am looking for any system updates for my DIR619L that was installed with my HughesNet system. I am having trouble accessing a specific website and one of the solutions was to check for and install updates for my router, which is supported by HughesNet.

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Any firmware updates for the DIR-619L would be from D-Link themselves.  I don't have my DIR-619L anymore, so I can't look directly, but there should be a section in the router's GUI (the place where you change the router's settings and such) that allows you to update the firmware.  


With that said, though, I just checked D-Link's site and there doesn't appear to be any recent firmware updates, so the firmware that the router is using is most likely the latest.  


I recommend posting in the Tech Support section for the issue you are having, as chances are the problem is not related to your router.  You can do so using the following link, or go to the Tech Support section and start a topic like you did in this section....