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Has Anyone Used Honeywell FocusPRO TH6000 Devices Over Gen4?

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El Dorado Netwo
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Has Anyone Used Honeywell FocusPRO TH6000 Devices Over Gen4?

These are home wifi thermostats allows remote Internet access to the thermostat through a computer, tablet, or smart phone using Honeywell's Total Connect Comfort Service:

As near as I can tell, the system uses MAC addressing to identify the device to Honeywell's servers. Does this bypass the IPV6 connectivity problems we've been discussing with security cameras, similar to how a Voice ATA device gets around this issue?

El Dorado Networks |Diamond Springs, CA |

Pretty interesting question, Alan. I wonder if anyone here has any input to share on it. I'll also check if there's a chance we've tested that particular system.

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I am not saying it will work with Hughesnet, but it *SHOULD* work...  It appears the device communicates with a server owned and operated by HoneyWell, at a preset interval and downloads the data needed if it's been changed, will probably use 1MB/day in data if there are no common changes.  If the device is connecting to an outside server, and the tablet/phone connects to that server to manage the device/account, then it should almost always work.  It's when we are trying to connect directly to a device on Hughesnet that we will experience issues.
Larry Lewis1
New Member

HI, Alan.  Kudos on your "BOOK" for us struggling users of sat.trying to make it work.  I am REALLY looking forward to it.  

AS to your question, I cannot help direcly and am aslo very interested in other replies. I do wide variety of maintenance services and HVAC monitoring (and  some repair) is one of them.  

What I DO know works well is a LAND LINE connection.  Cell service here is very spotty if at all. My house is in a DEAD ZONE, so I can't even amplify the nonexistent signal. Many of those whom I serve here in Idaho / Canada border keep their land line ON so as to not lose the number, some of which have been the same for generations.  THAT WORKS VERY WELL. I can get the name of the product if anyone asks. (I am not at home)  Costs under $200 for the phone connection and the thermostat.  You can monitor and ADJUST remotely very nicely. WORKS GREAT. Better than snowshoeing in. Some of the houses / cabins have heat in all winter

Blessings to you, 

Larry Lewis
Nordman, Idaho