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Distinguished Professor IV

Testmy login issue doesn't recognize my login.  I use my login credentials and get no errors. I'm taken to the site, but the site does not show me as being logged in.  When I run a test it runs it as though I were not logged in (digression: my speeds are slow.... the max has been around 13 -- no superfast Gen 5 here!).


I have tried a password reset request.  I send it in, get the link, reset my password to my normal password, and the site logs me in and shows me as being logged in.  If I log out and try to log in again, the same issue as before happens (the site does not see me as being logged in).  To get logged in again I have to do a password reset. This is tedious.


Using Windows 10, I've tried this on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.  Same thing every time.


Anyone else experiencing this?



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